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Commercial Griddle

Commercial griddlle is a equipment to cook food in a broad with flat cooking surface, generally use for eggs, meats, pancakes. The device can be metal pan or plate and can be used with gas or electric. It can be choosen by diversty options in indusrty and naturel kitchens. In a long time ago people use grilled only by maturing foods with fire of wood under the metal plate, but now there are abundance kind of utensil to serve different type of foods. The griddle can be impassioned indirectly or directly. The energy to heat supplied by some kind of elements that are coal, gas, wood and electrical ingredient. On the orher hand griddles run with natural gas, propane and electricity. Eagle commercial company serve several types of equipments for divergent purpose.

Commercial Gridlle - Eaglecommercial
Commercial Gridlle - Eaglecommercial

Freestanding Griddle

There are different size and different content of equipment in the kitchen, mild steel and chrome are the compound of devices’ materials, both are manageable and usefull. Both in home type kitchen and industrial kitchen need to consume griddle to serve diversty meal and make foods more delicious. It is important that buy the device at right group is so crucial to maintain griddle for a long time, by the way Eagle commercial aid to serve equipment with the guarantee. Customers can use the device comfortly and also by the different size and model, kitchens will be more active for users.

Freestanding Griddle - Eaglecommercial
Freestanding Griddle - Eaglecommercial

Freestanding Gas Griddle

There are many type of griddle in the contemporary World, gas griddle is a instance of this. It run with gas and made by both chrome and mill steel cooking platform. 35 cm, 60 cm, 90 cm, 100 cm and 110 cm are the sizes of the equipment that can be choosen by requariments. Big size is appopriate for cafe and industrial kitchen, small size is convenient for home. Mutable temprerature control is possible for device owing to this food cooked in desired consistency. Power and heating indication neon’s, chrome steel cooking bed, CE approved are the some specifis quality of device.

Freestanding Griddle - eaglecommercial
Freestanding Griddle - Eaglecommercial

Freestanding Electric Griddle

Energy variarty to use machine is another crucial issue that choosen to take the equipment, electric and gas can be use in the equipment. Although both are serving the same purpose there are some contradistinctions between them. Machine run with electric is slower to screw up and retriwe than a gas device; ın what manner it is a perfect option for places where gas is not occur or have cheaper electric.

Freestanding Electric Griddle - Eaglecommercial
Freestanding Electric Griddle - Eaglecommercial


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