Eaglecommercial's Main Products

 The main products Eaglecommercial produces are Kitchen Knives, Meat Knives, Chef Knives and Knife Sets. In addition to these products, high precision knives used in some agricultural tools and food processing machines are also produced in-house. The biggest advantage of Eaglecommercial company is that all the necessary steps for knife production can be done under the same roof and can be completely controlled. The company takes all raw materials into its body and delivers it to its customers as finished and packaged.

Eaglecommercial's Main Products


Eaglecommercial has two main brands; PIRGE and PRACTICAL. While PIRGE develops products suitable for professional users and industrial use, PRATIK focuses on products suitable for home use. The two brands of the company, PIRGE and PRATIK, distribute their products all over Turkey and export their products to 50 countries, mainly the Turkic Republics, the Middle East, North Africa and Europe.

source: www pirge com


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