Chopping Boards Commercial

Chopping Boards Commercial

As Eagle Commercial Company, our outlet is located close to the city center of Newcastle Upon Tyne. Our company, which has been operating since 2007, has been a leader in the field of branding since 2016. especially Pirge knives and chopping boards it is a fact that it continues its activities with the aim of being the best in every field.

Our company provides work by doing retail sales. It should also be mentioned that we sell some of the products we import on a wholesale basis.

Chopping Boards - Newcastle Upon Tyne - eaglecommercial co.ukEagle Commercial Company sells the products we import from many countries of the world, especially Turkey, to every region of England. With the distribution network we have established, we provide easy distribution to every region of England. It provides customer satisfaction by fulfilling the demands of the customers as soon as possible. Our company prioritizes customer satisfaction and provides all kinds of solution-oriented support immediately in case of a possible problem.
Our company also supplies takeaway and restaurant businesses through its branch in Newcastle Upon Tyne. Our customers can stop by our store to supply any product they want and benefit from our pleasant conversation. In addition, if our customers request, the products are delivered to their addresses by cargo. Our company continues its activities intensively throughout the year, but the workload decreases partially during the Christmas and New Year periods, namely in December-January.

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